The Clarsach is the oldest of Scotland's traditional instruments it was played in the Scottish Royal Court during the reigns of James I, IV, and VI. Harpers accompanied clan chiefs to battle until the bagpipes took over that function in the Sixteenth Century. The clan harper performed for both joyous and sad occasions. Another duty was playing the clan to sleep at night. All educated persons were expected to have an amateur proficiency on the celtic harp, and harps were often passed from person to person at social gatherings.

Helen began playing the Clarsach at eight years old and won many competitions at Festivals and Mods.  She has performed at many functions including the 60th Anniversary of the Clarsach Society and at a Clan Cameron Gathering.

The Clarsach blends well at weddings with a Celtic theme, at a Castle or for a Dinner with a Scottish Touch.  The Clarsach always going down well during a Rabbie Burn's  Supper.



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